RoboColumbus-Plus 2015 Course Information

The contest will be at :
129 Woodrow Circle
Little Elm TX 75068
Map of contest location

RoboColumbus-Plus 2015b cone placements
home cone
lat:   33° 9’27.51″N
lon:   96°56’12.94″W

target cone
lat:   33° 9’25.00″N
lon:   96°56’10.97″W

challenge cone
lat:   33° 9’26.65″N
lon:   96°56’10.60″W

These GPS values are not the final placement. They are the center of a 10 yard circle in which the cones will be placed (see rules).

You will have time before your runs to find the final GPS
(or whatever you use to sense cone locations) values.

The rules are located under the Rules tab.

The water is a little higher than in most of the satellite photos
(but not as high as 2/27/2001 if you look back in google earth).
The leg from target cone to challenge cone is not as far
from the water as shown in the attached picture.

The first leg from home to target will be 100 yards but
the other legs ended up shorter than suggested in the rules. The other legs are at least 50 yards, not the 75 minimum suggested in the rules.

If you go home -> target -> challenge -> home for
your path the course length is 230 yards.

If you go home-> target-> home-> challenge for your path the course length is longer.

The obstacle will be a large boat. Placement is a little different
from this satellite photo taken in April 2015.  It will be positioned  so the boat is in the path from challenge cone to home cone. It is ‘close’ to what you see in the picture attached.
If you remember the layout from 2014,  the boat is near the bird house with fence. There will be an  ~15 or more foot (5 yards) gap between the boat and the fence to make sure you have room to get around the boat on either side. A tarp will be placed over the chain link fence to make it an easier to detect obstacle.

The giant tree you might remember off to the right near the fence
on the first leg has been cut down so don’t depend on it for a
landmark (or any echo’s).

Lots of slight elevation changes this year but grass was cut
pretty close to ground when the judge inspected the course. He did not see any varmint holes. Looks like all the rain wiped them out and filled them in.

There will be  extra cones to practice on located off of the course
if you are still tweaking things.


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